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Creepy Myths From Canada That’ll Keep You Up At Night

Like most folklore, the story of the rougarou modifications from group to group, however all variations are terrifying. As described within the Toronto Star, it originates with the Métis individuals, who’ve shared legends concerning the creature often known as the rougarou for at the very least a century.

As described by the Métis Museum, the rougarou is a werewolf-like creature that will seem as a wolf, canine, horse, or half-human half-horse hybrid. In keeping with some variations of the story, the rougarou is created if an individual runs afoul of the Creator, whereafter they might turn into possessed. Some variations of the legend say the one option to cease the creature is to strike it between the eyes with a skeleton key, reworking it again right into a human being — however in the event you inform anybody else the identify of the one that had beforehand been possessed, you turn into the following rougarou.

Rougarou tales share some parts with tales of the French-Canadian “loup-garou,” which is the same werewolf-like creature courting again to sixteenth century France. As described by Atlas Obscura, the tales have traveled South. In Cajun tradition, there are tales concerning the rougarou stalking its prey within the Louisiana Bayou.

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